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SHIB Price Prediction: $0.00000959 by end 2022, Shibarium Update Might Not Add Value


SHIB Price Prediction: Shiba Inu will end the year at $0.00000959, and a multitude of new projects to create utility might not make much of a difference.

This result is according to Finder.com’s latest Shiba Inu Price Predictions Report.

25% of the panel pulled together by Finder think the Shibarium update will cause a price increase. 22% think there will be no impact, and 3% think a negative impact is on the cards. 50% feel they can’t make a prediction at this point.

22% of panelists think that the update will make transaction costs lower. 22% feel it will indeed increase transaction speed. But 69% of the panel can’t call it yet.

SHIB price prediction: Expert Opinion

Alexander Kuptsikevich is a senior analyst for FxPro. “This is just one of many meme coins. It is unlikely to roar as it did in 2021, although it can ride the future waves of the crypto market.”

He says the Shibarium update will both lower transaction costs and increase transaction speed. He thinks the end-of-year price will be $0.00001329 and predicts that in 2025 it will be $0.0001.

Ruadhan O is the founder of Seasonal Tokens. He thinks SHIB’s price will stay flat this year.  But he says a SHIB stablecoin should be established by 2025. This will increase demand.

“…the price will follow the broader crypto market higher after the 2024 Bitcoin halving. The community is strong, and the coin won’t die due to lack of interest, because it has a social value which will maintain its market price.”

Ruadhan predicts that SHIB will be worth $0.0002 in 2025. This is given it will “thrive in the Metaverse, which is a natural environment for meme coins. By 2030, Shiba Inu will be one of the most well-established coins in the Metaverse, with a solid community supporting and promoting it.”

Sathvik Vishwanath is the CEO of Unocoin Technologies. “SHIB can be a good investment. The growth potential is over 100% in the next few years. However, it is better to buy a Shiba Inu in moderate quantities because the project has not yet found its true value.”

Kunal Sawhney is the CEO of Kalkine Group. ”SHIB is even more difficult to predict than its more dominant peers, Bitcoin and Ether. This is because SHIB is a meme or a joke token, no matter what the project claims about the new blockchain Shibarium or the stablecoin.”

shib price prediction shiba inu

SHIB projects

So which projects would best help the cryptocurrency? Only 9% of the panel say the stablecoin will be the catalyst that increases SHIB adoption. 3% expect the Doggy DAO to help the cause. 3% think ShibaSwap 2.0. will be the answer. Alas. 19% of the panel said no project could help SHIB.

Let’s watch this space.


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