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PEPE, DOGE, SHIB See Fierce Competition From New FETH Token


The meme coin space has long been dominated by the likes of DOGE, SHIB, and PEPE, but now a new entrant into the space has signaled a shift in the market. ETH Furbo (FETH) is an Ethereum-based token that gives PEPE reflections to all holders regardless of how much they hold. This means that while investors are earning significant returns on their FETH holdings, they’re also earning PEPE which means they are getting double the profits.
FETH Announces Presale Date
In its grand entrance into the crypto market, the FETH team has announced its presale date. The presale is scheduled to hold on Monday, May 15th, at 5 PM UTC and the page is currently live on Pinksale. This will give investors the first chance to get into the FETH token at the lowest price possible.

Welcome everyone. Our presale will be taking place on PINKSALE on Monday, May 15th at 5 PM UTC. Our page is now live on @pinkecosystem https://t.co/FvVb9IzqZa
Here’s what to expect $SHIB $DOGE $PEPE $ETH $LADYS pic.twitter.com/Qb6WEypjcA
— ETH FURBO | Hold $FETH For $PEPE REWARDS (@ethfurbo) May 12, 2023

Presales are important to new projects such as ETH Furbo an avenue to raise funds to provide liquidity and promotions for their token while giving investors an opportunity to buy the coins for a low price. This is because upon listing, tokens debut on the market at much higher prices, bringing presale investors good profits.
The total supply of FETH is 1,000,000,000,000 tokens and 56% of the total supply will be available for presale. 31.92% of the tokens will go toward the liquidity pool, 6.08% of the supply will be held for centralized exchange listings and liquidity for the token, and 6% will be reserved for team operations and marketing.
FETH’s tokenomics ensures that the community controls the vast majority of the supply, allowing them to determine the price and value of each token. As for the presale, the maximum buy for each wallet is capped at 1 ETH to make room for an even distribution of supply among investors.
ETH Furbo Taking Over PEPE, DOGE, And SHIB
Instead of having coins that offer the community nothing in return, the FETH token rather provides an avenue for investors to earn more on their investment. This is why automatic PEPE reflections are available for all holders which can be claimed directly on the ETH Furbo website.
This allows FETH to develop a loyal and dedicated community that will ensure consistent returns for holders. Furthermore, it is the first meme-based token to also give out PEPE rewards – a coin that has rapidly grown to become the third-largest meme coin in the world.
PEPE reflections promise to merge FETH with one of the largest meme communities in the world, doubling its reach. Its low starting market cap provides more room for growth and therefore, more opportunity for profit for investors.


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